Environmental initiatives

Environment Friendly Policy

  1. We are committed to continuously appraise and improve the environmental protection systems in all aspects of our business, towards our goal of limiting the environmental impact of our company.
  2. Our company adheres to all legal regulations and the observance of environmental-related laws as well as other requirements agreed and implemented by the company.
  3. The representative directors shall make this policy known to all employees and shall encourage all our employees promote the protection of the environment, not only in the workplace and at home, but also from the local & regional level to the global scale.
  4. The following are the issues that we emphasize for the protection of the environmental.
    • Strive to reduce energy waste and losses, and improve efficiency. (Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions)
    • Strive to minimize waste, promote recycling, and make effective use of resources.
    • Communicate with local communities and work to preserve the local environment.
    • Promote compliance with the latest environmental regulations related to green procurement, including the control of water and air pollution and the management of chemical substances contained in products.

Environmental Management System Qualified

Plant Registered Date
Kansai Plant Eco-Action 21 Qualified Jun-2018
Okayama Plant Eco-Action 21 Qualified Aug-2020
Ishikawa Plant Eco-Action 21 Qualified Jan-2005
Ishikawa Plant 2 Eco-Action 21 Qualified Apr-2023
Development Center Eco-Action 21 Qualified Jun-2018
Chiba Plant ISO 14001 Qualified Dec-2004