Thermo-electric Modules


As a result of the increased capacity of water-cooled heat sink devices, air cooling methods are about to reach their limits. Our oxygen‐free copper water-cooled heat sinks have a thickness of 6 to 20mm, about 1/10 of air cooled heat sinks. Their cooling effect per unit area is several times that of air cooled heat sinks, resulting in space saving.
Power devices such as thyristors and IGBTs, high frequency devices such as SITs and FETs, resistive elements, CPUs, Peltier devices, various types of lasers, mounted substrates, and other heating elements.

Thin type

The thickness of 6 to 10 mm contributes to the weight reduction of equipment.

Both sides type

Heating elements can be attached on both faces for space saving.

* Standard products are available for IGBTs and Peltier devices. Other products are built-to-order. We manufacture products to your requirements, including the dimensions of the heat-receiving block, mounting position of the device, and nipple type, etc.
We can also design and manufacture special-shaped products. (Up to about 50 x 300 x 500)