Super Machinable Ceramics

Machinable Mica


With the excellent machinability, we will deliver high quality, precision product in short lead time.

Machinable ceramics provide easy machinability by conventional machining machine.
Various precision machining are possible with synthetic diamond-based cutting tools and also with general carbide tools. Inspection jigs and parts for the manufacture of liquid crystals display and semiconductors required in a large-variety, and a small-quantity production. In the face of growing expectations for shorter lead time in all production processes, from design to trial production, the machinable ceramics are widely used from their precision machining and quick-delivery.


  • ・Semiconductor Equipment parts
  • ・Semiconductor Inspection Parts
  • ・Leaser Equipment Parts
  • ・Vacuum Equipment Parts
  • ・Thin film Deposition equipment Parts
  • ・Liner Motor Parts
  • ・Various Heat-insulating parts
  • ・Precision Machinery Parts
  • ・Adhesion Equipment Parts
  • ・Positioning Parts
  • ・Various sensor parts
  • ・Analysis equipment parts
  • ・Ultrasonic Generator
  • ・Various Insulating parts
  • ・Insulation parts for various analyzer
  • ・Substrate and positioning jig
  • ・Jig for soldering
  • ・Light-condensing parts

Characteristics table