Thermo-electric Modules

High heat conductive oil compound (G747)

Silicone oil is used as base oil with metal oxides.


Due to its very high heat conductivity, it can be used in a wide temperature range of -50℃ to +150℃.

General characteristics

Item G747
Appearance White grease
Specific gravity 25°C 2.65
Penetration 25℃/JIS worked penetration 330
Percent separated 120°C/24h 0.01
Percent volatile 120°C/24h 0.06
Heat conductivity W/m・K 1.00
Volume resistivity TΩ・m{Ω・cm} 2.5{2.5×1014}
Breakdown voltage 0.25mm kV 3.7
Permittivity 50Hz 4.62
Dielectric tangent 50Hz 2.1×10-2
Operating temperature range °C −50〜+150

{ } Old JIS notations
* The measurement method is the constant heat flow method.


Use a spatula or grease gun to inject it because it has a greasy texture. It may initially look hard and difficult to apply or inject. Knead it well to make it softer and easier to apply.


200g laminated tube