Domain Detection

Magnetic domain detection ferrofluid P-series is a developer to observe optically magnetic patterns of all magnetized materials such as Video Tape, Floppy Disc, Hard Disc and magnetic Head etc.

product lineup

Carrier Saturation
Viscosity Typical Appliation
P-0601 Hydrocarbon 10.0 mT 2 mPa·s> Domain detection
P-0801 Water 6.0 mT 5 mPa·s> Domain detection

magnetic domain of hard Disc

magnetic domain of thin permalloy film

The magnetic domain of thin permally film of which thickness is 500Å can be observed by a magnetic colloid method and the examples are shown below.

1. 20μm×150μm of rectangular pattern

The fine magnetic domain such as cross-tie wall can be observed clearly under one thousand magnification.

20μm×20μm pattern

Even the closure domain 20μm×20μm of small pattern is observed easily.