CEO Message

Creating new values based on material technologies

We have a business that operates in Japan.
The company was established in 2020 through the integration of three companies: Ferrotec Corporation which was borne from a technology based on thermoelectric-modules and Ferro fluids that came from NASA's Apollo program; Ferrotec Ceramics Corporation which was borne from a fine ceramic sintering technology; and ADMAP Inc. which was borne from chemical vapor deposition technology.
Our company name, “Material Technologies,” expresses our desire to create new value based on materials technology and to lead the semiconductor industry into a new world with innovative materials and technologies.
Our materials are used in a wide range of applications, including semiconductors and organic EL manufacturing equipment, electronic devices, automotive, medical, communications, etc., and continue to expand into other areas by putting IoT, AI, and autonomous driving technologies into practical use.
These technologies have responded to the increase in demand for various fields such as semiconductors due to expansion of EC and telework, wearable devices due to severe heat and testing in the medical field, and we will continue to contribute to the cutting-edge fields with our technologies.
To this end, we will enhance domestic production sites determinedly and accelerate our research and development to propose new technologies and values in a timely manner.
We cordially solicit your continued support.
Takeru Yamamura

Takeru Yamamura