Company Introduction

Creating new values based on material technologies

Ferrotec Material Technologies Corporation (FTMT) is a domestic operating company of the Ferrotec Group, established in 2020 by merging three companies: Ferrotec Corporation, which was founded on the application technology of Thermoelectric modules, a type of electronic cooling component, as well as Ferrofluid, which was born from the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Apollo Project; Ferrotec Ceramics Corporation, which was founded on the Fine Ceramics born from ceramic sintering technology; and ADMAP Inc, which was founded on chemical vapor deposition technology. As a company that brings together a diverse range of technologies, our name, features the term "Material Technologies" in, as an expression of our commitment to "create new value based on materials technology" and "lead semiconductors into a new world with cutting-edge materials and technologies."

Our basic policies are to rigorously pursue growth, emphasize speed, and strengthen teamwork. This begins by firmly integrating the three former companies, and striving to foster a corporate culture of unity.

To achieve our mid- to long-term goals, in terms of human resources, we are working to digitalize our domestic factories and build new or additional ones, and to expand our employment of engineers. On the sales front, we are working to rebuild relationships with customers at all levels, from the persons in charge to the upper management.

And in the area of new product development, we have developed a constant-heat water circulator, or Chiller, as part of our thermal solutions. We will continue to solve our customers' heat-related issues in a single integrated manner by utilizing our knowledge of Thermo-modules/assemblies. In the metal processing business, in addition to the manufacturing and sales of vacuum seals, we will also collaborate with our consolidated subsidiary Cosmo Science Inc., to meet the demand for contract metal processing for semiconductor and other manufacturing equipment. In the area of Ferrofluid, which is another of our core businesses, we have developed magnetic beads that will help us pioneer the biotechnology market.

Ferrotec Holdings (HD), the parent company of the Ferrotec Group, aims to achieve consolidated sales of JPY500 billion in FY2030, and we will create a flourishing organization to achieve this goal. This will include the launch of a new business division system, expanding the authority of business divisions to increase speed, and creating an organization that can achieve its goals through inter-group teamwork.

In 2022, the Ferrotec Group announced a "Back to Japan" Policy. We, as the core of our domestic operating companies, will accelerate the expansion of domestic manufacturing bases and research and development, and strive to propose new technologies and values not only to the semiconductor field, but also to other fields, in a timely manner. We will continue to contribute to our customers based on our group-wide corporate philosophy of "Satisfaction to our Customers, Earth Friendly and Environmentally Conscious, and Dreams and Vitality to our Society." We sincerely hope that you will continue to support us in the future.