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Magnetic fluid can form any shape, depending on the application, allowing you to easily adjust its amount depending on the type of result you want. With this fluid property, magnetic fluid is expected to be utilized in a wide range of applications in the future.
The following are new applications and magnetic fluids that can be used for these applications.

LVG series (Hydrocarbon oil base、Silicone oil base)

Vibration devise、Damper、 Lubricity etc.

MSG W Series (water base)

magnetic separation、Collection of precious metals and Non-ferrous metal, sorting for resin material recycling, etc.

Hzero series (Material containing magnetic Nano particles)

Super high frequency viscoelastic material EXP:Dumper

TC series (Hydrocarbon oil base、Water base)

Temperature-sensitive magnetic characteristics、heat transfer

FL series (UV fluorescence)


MCF series (Hydrocarbon oil base、Silicone oil base)

Magnetic rheological application、damper、transmission、brake

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